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Our Professionals

(in alphabetical order)



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Charlotte started playing the violin age 10 and has performed in both folk and classical styles.

She holds a music degree (BMus) from Cardiff University and is an ex member of the Cardiff University Symphony Orchestra and the Beijing International Chamber Orchestra.

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Piano, Flute & Clarinet

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Vocals & Piano 

Heather started singing in 2007 and teaching in 2013.

She has achieved her level 1 kodaly certificate and is also currently undertaking a Bachelor of Secondary Education specialising in Music.

She also performed in Naya Chorale choir as well as is the Head Section leader at the WA Charity Orchestra Choir.


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Vocals, Guitar, & Piano 

Jane has been singing and doing music since she can remember. She plays guitar and piano as well.

Jane started teaching in 2008 while at university. She has a Bachelor and Honours (BAHons) in Applied Music majoring in classical and jazz vocals.

Jane is currently performing solo as a singer-songwriter and she is also in a few bands and musical projects, including: Aceltica – a Scottish folk band with which she tours around the world; Goat – a folk duo/trio playing folk world music; and she is also in a Jazz duo with one of our other talented teachers, Mehard. Jane is currently attempting to write an album of her own music!

Jane is a true believer in dreams and knows that hard work and dedication can take us anywhere. 

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Vocals & Piano

John started playing the piano and singing at the age of 9, and has begun teaching during his 3rd year of University in 2015.

He has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Classical Voice) at UWA, a Certificate in Musical Theatre from WAAPA and trained in Musical Theatre at the Stella Adler Institute in New York.

John typically performs in a Musical or two per year and is also in an Octoberfest band. He is currently aiming to write his own Fringe Show. 

John is a fun loving person, so he will greatly enjoy any jokes you bring into the lessons!

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Kale plays guitar (since age 9), keys (since year 2), bass (since age 16), drums (18), piano (15), and vocals (11). A previous student of Northside School of Music, he has been teaching guitar since 2016. 

Kale has solo music projects (song writing and producing), writes plays guitar and sings in bands, as well as writes and produces songs for other vocalists.

Kale is also involved in a recording project called ‘Caramel’, which featured on the radio.

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Guitar & Ukulele

Mark is a WAPPA graduate. He has been teaching since 2012, playing since 2002, and writing & performing since 2005. Check out his band the Silver Hills.

Mark is passionate about nurturing a positive music relationship for students by fostering a flexible learning environment and “good vibes”.

Northside School of Music student between 2000-2007.

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Northside School of Music’s student since 1999, and teacher since 2011. Matthew is going for his grade 8 piano next.

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With her 25 years of teaching piano Meg aims to expose students to many different music styles, and find songs which they love to play.

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Piano & Keyboard

Mehrad has been playing keyboard and piano since the age of 9, and has been teaching since he was 17 years old.

He holds a Cert of Electronic music production, mixing and mastering from SAE and Point Blank music school, as well as a children music teaching certificate from Music Together institute.

Mehrad had about 370 international gigs at events such as the Word Cup 2006 in Germany, Paris Music Festival, and Fair Bridge Festival WA. As well as recording individually, Mehrad also has a Jazz Fusion Electro band, is in a Jazz duo with another of our talented teachers – Jane, as well as works with world music band East Winds. Here is Mehrad on soundcloud


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Guitar & Bass

Michael has been teaching since 2010.

He is a prolific musician and songwriter, who has been a part of many original and cover bands around Perth. He is a rock music specialist and superfan.

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Michelle began playing the piano at age 9. She has been teaching piano for the past 10 years.

Michelle attended the conservatory of music and acquired a Certificate of Music and finished her 8th grade AMEB examination.

Michelle teaches classical and Suzuki piano methods.

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Piano & Keyboard

Niki has been playing since 2004 and teaching since 2010.

She is a WAAPA graduate with an Advanced Diploma of Contemporary Music, majoring in Performance.

Niki has filled in for top Perth cover bands, such as PUMP, EasyTigers, 5 Shots, and HiNRG to name a few.

She is now giging with her band DYNAMIX.







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Nicky began teaching the piano in 2006.

 She has an Advanced Diploma of Music Teaching from WAAPA.

Nicky currently also teaches at John XXII Collage, and has previously taught at Presbyterian Ladies College as well as at Peter Mayers Angelican Community School. 


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Piano & Keyboard

Shaun has been playing since 2001 and teaching since 2010.

He has graduated from WAAPA with an Advanced Diploma of Music Performance.

Shaun has toured broadly across WA, performing at some major festivals, and recently in South Africa. He also plays for a few original and cover bands including: Old Blood, King Cactus, & Eloise Ashton.


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Tom started playing guitar at the age of 10.

He has an Advanced Diploma of Contemporary Music from WAAPA and performs solo cover gigs around Perth. 





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Tyler started playing at 6yo and has been teaching since 2010.

He has extensive live gig experience, playing some major festivals as well as multiple shows a week with one of his four bands (Old Blood, Edie Green & Little Skye).

Tyler is also a WAAPA graduate with a BA in Music, majoring in Jazz performance.