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Northside News – April 2018

Happy Easter music lessons perth

This term is almost over, and we will all welcome the school holidays after the 11 weeks of Term One. Thank goodness for the two long weekends we had to keep us sane and rested!

Re-enrolment starts this week so please be sure to see reception and pay your deposit for next term in order to keep the same lesson day/time for Term Two. If you have winter sports starting and need to change days/times please speak to reception as soon as you know your schedule. There are many students who change their lessons at this time of year and if we have notice of what you require, we can keep it in mind as we adjust the timetable for the next term.

Term Two is only 9 weeks, and for those students attending lessons on Monday it will be only 8 weeks due to the public holiday.  Your invoice will reflect the number of lessons you will have so please check it carefully  when we email it to you at the end of the school holidays.

I hope everyone enjoys Easter and has a wonderful time with family and friends over the long weekend.



We had a record number of students enter for AMEB exams last year, and once again had a 100% success rate, with all students passing their exams.  Big congratulations to the following successful students:

Grade One: Chloe Atkinson, Thomas Forte, Diana Herlihy,

Grade Two: Rylan Andersson, Louisa Blackbourn, Caitlin Hilton, Leah MacDonald, Abi Shilkin

Grade Three: Abbie Fairweather, Danielle Fleming, Steven Manoharan, Brooke Taylor

Grade Four: Kate MacDonald, William Tetley   

Grade Five: Lachlan D’Souza, Misha McMonigal

Special mention to Abi Shilkin who received A+ for her exam and was invited to attend the Honours ceremony at UWA last weekend in recognition of her excellence in music studies.

Good luck to all the students busily practising for their upcoming exams in May, and to the teachers who are helping them with their preparation.



At the end of last year we said goodbye to Talia Andrews, one of our receptionists and piano teachers. Talia was offered a job at Geelong Grammar’s Timbertop school in Victoria, which is a terrific opportunity for her as she begins her teaching career. We hear she is enjoying the challenges of first year teaching, but is quite exhausted from all the hiking with students on the weekends. Recently, one of our guitar teachers, Andrew Parker, was offered full time work in his field of chemistry—a very different type of work from music tuition—and reluctantly decided to leave Northside to pursue his other passion. We wish him the very best and hope he enjoys the science work as much as he enjoyed teaching. I know he will be greatly missed by his students. Megan Partridge, our very popular violin teacher, will finish teaching at Northside at the end of this term. Megan completed her Dip Ed at the end of last year and has been offered work in the music department at several schools. She has been an enthusiastic, committed member of our teaching staff and will be missed by staff and students. We wish her every success in her new teaching roles. 

Faye Saunders is back at Northside this year! Yay! Faye is a previous member of our teaching staff who spent two years in the UK teaching and performing. She is back in Perth completing her Dip Ed, and is working on Saturdays teaching piano and her primary instrument, flute. Welcome back Faye. Kale Armstrong is a previous student of Northside and a dedicated and talented musician. He has been teaching privately, and waiting for the opportunity to work at the school where he was so inspired when younger. With the recent departure of Andrew he has got his chance, and is teaching guitar on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Great to have you at Northside as a teacher now Kale.



If you are unwell or unable to make your scheduled lesson, please contact reception as soon as possible.

When notifiying reception of your absence, please arrange an alternative lesson some time within the current term.

Alternative (makeup) lessons are only offered to students who miss their lesson due to illness or emergency, or if prior notice and arrangements have been made with reception.

A maximum of two makeup lessons are permitted per term for each student.

Credits are only given in special circumstances, and at the discretion of the manager.  Lessons are non refundable.



LAST DAY OF TERM 1 – Saturday 14th of April 

FIRST DAY OF TERM 2 – Monday 30th of April

WA DAY – Public Holiday (no lessons) – Monday 4th of June

LAST DAY OF TERM 2 – Saturday 30th of June



We would appreciate it if students could refrain from eating or drinking in the music studios. We understand that children are often hungry after school, but we ask that they consume their food/drinks in the reception area and try to be as tidy as possible. Also, we would appreciate children or parents tidying the toy area before leaving.

We also ask that parents monitor their children whilst they are in the reception area and toilet as we have had a few messy situations over the past few months (especially in the toilet). It’s important that reception is notified as quickly as possible if a mess occurs, so that we can continue to provide a clean, pleasant environment for everyone.

Lastly, please try to minimise noise whilst in reception so that students taking lessons can focus on their music.


~ Belinda

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