Re-enrolments for Term 2 & Important Dates

NORTHSIDE NEWS  – April 2017 (Term 1)



Please be aware that if you do not re-enrol with reception before the end of this term it is possible that your lesson time will be given to another student. A deposit of $100 per student must be paid before Saturday 8th of April to reserve a position for next term. Payment can be made in person at reception or via internet banking. An invoice will be emailed to you in the holidays showing the balance of your term fees, which must be paid within the first two weeks of term 2. 

Should you need to change your current lesson day/time or want to change teachers please speak to reception as soon as possible so we can reserve an alternative lesson time for you. And if you will not be continuing your lessons with us next term please let reception know. Giving notice of your cancellation allows us to offer your place to another student.

Reception can be contracted by email at | | 08 9246 7588




First day of TERM 2 – Monday 24th of April

Public holiday – ANZAC Day – Tuesday 25th of April (No Lessons!)

Public holiday – WA Day – Monday 5th of June (No Lessons!)

Last day of Term 2 – Saturday 1st of July




Within any business, as it grows, policies need to be reviewed and revised. Over the past year we have struggled to cope with the growing number of absentees each term. We understand that music lessons are costly, and that is why we offer make up lessons when a student is away. I’m aware that other businesses offering activities for children, including some music schools, do not offer this service. We do not want to eliminate the make up lessons entirely from our policy, however it is certainly time to change the way we are doing things. With that in mind, we are introducing two new policies for the coming term regarding missed lessons. These changes are to help alleviate some of the pressures on our staff when students or teachers are absent.

Firstly, each student will be allowed a maximum of of two make up lessons per term. Make up lessons will only be offered to students who give more than 24 hours notice or those who are suffering injury or illness. If you decide to miss your weekly lesson due to holidays or other commitments we cannot offer an alternate lesson. We ask that you arrange your make up lesson as soon as possible so that teachers are not required to work such long hours in the last weeks of term.

Secondly, if your teacher is unable to teach due to illness etc. and a substitute teacher cannot be found, your lessons will be rescheduled on an alternate day that is suitable to the teacher.

Another policy that we are introducing next term is regarding the health and safety of our staff and customers. In order to provide an environment free of infection for everyone we ask that students do not attend lessons if they are unwell. In the future, if a student arrives for their lesson and is unwell or has been absent from school due to illness during the day, our staff will ask that the student be taken home.

I hope that you can support these changes as we continue to provide the best music education for you and your family.




Our annual concert will once again be held in September this year, as a talent show.

The structure of the event will be the same as last year, with the aim being to give students the opportunity to perform in a fun, relaxed environment and gain confidence as musicians.

Registrations will be online and will open at the beginning of Term 3.

As usual our group classes will be involved and all private students are invited to participate regardless of their experience.  

Please keep in mind that this is first and foremost a concert in which students can showcase their talents to family and friends, and acquire experience on stage. The prizes are an added bonus and are awarded to a few students who demonstrate a particular musical skill or accomplishment on the day. Talk to your teacher about a song you’d like to perform at the concert this year to start practicing!  




It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to three of our most popular piano teachers at the end of this term.

Priska has been working at Northside on Wednesdays for the past three years and has grown in her confidence with her teaching in this time. She is a very talented pianist and has become increasingly busy with her other commitments over the past six months. We wish her well and continued music success in the future.

Jenny’s association with Northside began n her early years when she attended the Yamaha music classes in Balcatta. I remember her performing at many of the concerts, always in beautiful dresses, and so little her feet couldn’t touch the floor. Jenny has just completed her Masters in Infectious Diseases (yikes!) and has found work with the Health Department. She will be greatly missed by many staff and students at the school, especially me!

Brittany has also just completed her degree – in archaeology!- and has found work quicker than she anticipated. She would love to keep teaching, but the nature of the work means she will be away at various times throughout the year for site work. We are very excited for Brittany as she starts a career in her chosen field, but also disappointed to say goodbye to such a reliable, dynamic and patient teacher. We wish Brittany and Jenny all the very best for the future.




Music students are always being told that practice is key to success on any instrument – that practice makes perfect. and although that’s true, it’s also how you practice that determines your success. Over the years I have noticed it is the students who know how to practice effectively that make the most progress, and they are not necessarily the students who practice for the longest. Here are a few tips hat may help you or your child:

It is better to practice for short periods several times throughout the week, rather than all at once.

Practice should include warm-ups, exercises, drills and technical work as well as songs.

Each piece of music should be played at least three times over or until some progress is heard.

If a particular section of the song is proving difficult, practice that part repeatedly until it improves, then try the entire piece of music again. also, playing slower through difficult passages will allow more focus on technique.

Students should keep playing songs once they’ve finished them – to develop a repertoire from which to play when asked to perform for family and friends. This helps with memorising songs, an important tool for musicians.

Start and finish each practice time with a song that the student enjoys. It can be one they are working on, or one of their repertoire pieces. This gets fingers moving, and makes each practice session more enjoyable.

Motivate students to practice by setting some musical goals. Progress is usually much faster when there is something clear to aim for. Along with your teacher, plan achievable goals and once these goals are established strive to achieve them.

Encourage students to be creative – try playing songs in different styles or keys, or with different sounds. Ask them to make up their own song and write it down to show their teacher. Each simple music can be expressive.

I hope this advice helps your practice time become more enjoyable and effective for you. Success n anything is a result of hard work and perseverance, and successful music practice makes playing so much more enjoyable




 – Belinda


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